Rev. Sherman Harris founded a church which he called the Apostolic Church in 1949. It was the result of a great burden and vision born in the hart of Bro. Harris. Prior to their move to the Lexington area, Bro and Sis Harris were members of Rev. F.E. Curtis’ church in Cincinnati, OH. It was there that Bro Harris acknowledged the call of God on his life. When he spoke to his wife about the calling, her first response was that she didn’t want to leave their little farm house. Bro Harris then asked her a simple question, “Do you want me to die and go to hell or fulfill the call of God in my life?” Her response was, “Yes, Sherman, I will go with you.”


The first services were held at Bro and Sis Sebastian’s home on Tennessee Ave. in Lexington. Later it moved to its first official location at 556 East 7th Street. There services were held in one side of a duplex until growth demanded that both sides be utilized.


The new church experienced growth and in March of 1963, they moved to 817 North Limestone. At this time, the name of the church was changed to the United Pentecostal Church of Lexington.


After Bro Harris’ death in December of 1971, the church began their search for a new pastor. In February of 1972, Bro Jerry Wheat was selected. Bro Wheat is remembered to have been an excellent Bible teacher and preacher. He was a constant laborer in the church and everyone’s friend. Bro Wheat continued as pastor until 1974.

 Leonard & Nancy Plowman, second pastor & first lady

In 1974 the church began their search for a new pastor. At that time Rev Leonard Plowman and his wife Nancy were laboring in Haines City, Florida in a home missions church that they had started. They left to take the Pastorate of the United Pentecostal Church of Lexington in November of 1974. After only 2 ½ years of labor, there was a wonderful time of revival where the church saw tremendous growth. A bus ministry was started and because of a need for more space and parking, the church relocated to 1313 North Limestone. In 1986, Bro and Sis Plowman stepped down from the Pastorate to become missionaries to Australia.


In July of 1986, Rev and Mrs. William McGraw stepped into the Pastorate of the United Pentecostal Church of Lexington. The Lord brought revival to a church sensing its destiny in an end-time generation. Through years of seeking God’s will and looking for opportunity to arise, the United Pentecostal Church of Lexington purchased property in 2005 at 3416 Clays Mill Road. Though difficulty was encountered along the way, with faith and determination the church made its journey across town and became Greater Faith Apostolic Church.