At Greater Faith, we believe that marriages were designed for a lifetime. Marriage is not something to be "endured" until death do us part, but a lifetime commitment of joy and fulfillment designed specifically for you and your mate by God himself. Sometimes, in the course of just living life and fulfilling all of our responsibilities, we can unconsciously neglect the most important of relationships; our marriages.

MCM is an opportunity to focus on our marriages and rediscover “the love of our lives.” We hope you and your spouse will come and be a part of our Married Couples Ministry!

Greg & Kim House


  • To enrich and empower the relationship of married couples through the study of what the scriptures teach concerning Christian Marriage.
  • To enhance communication skills between husbands and wives through the use of current marriage curriculum.
  • To provide an opportunity for fellowship in the form of outings, special events, seminars, and retreats.